5 Tips For Better Dishcloth Care

Kitchen dishcloths and towels tend to be everyone's last priority. They are always a fun purchase because there’s always a variety of themes and colours. Typically kitchen towels and dishcloths need to be washed in their own load of laundry. So what contributes to proper care of dishcloths and towels? Here are a few suggestions for your household: 

  1. Switch dishcloths and towels regularly. Depending on the use that they are being used in the kitchen it’s always a good idea to have plenty of dishcloths and towels readily available. Though they help with environmental purposes, cloths and towels can also be efficient for breeding of bacteria and no one wants that.
  2. Rinse your cloths and towels completely before putting them into the washing machine. This will get all of the soap and scum out of the fibres and be cleaned more effectively. By getting into the habit of doing this you will help save the wear and tear of your linens.
  3. Always use a heavy-duty cycle and use hot water. Think of the duties those cloths and towels did for you in your kitchen. By using hot water it helps the detergent dissolve quicker and work better when going through the cycle. Getting into all of those fibres to ensure they come out bacteria-free. As well, never use a less option other then heavy-duty or regular. By choosing these options you are also ensuring they will be adequately clean for next use.
  4. Do not use fabric softener! This should be avoided for any cloth or towel used within the kitchen. Fabric softener provides a filmy coating on the outside of the laundry and could cause extra film on dish towels.
  5. Let the linens air dry. Especially the dishcloths, it will help with overall wear and tear. Find a spot within your laundry room for your clean dishcloths and let them dry overnight. 

 Last suggestion, have a good selection of dish towels to choose from. If you have a good amount your more likely to change and wash them often. They help play a big role in our kitchens and home so do your best to lengthen their livelihood. Be sure to shop our Dishcloth Collection with bright and fun colours for Spring!